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Visit the Law Office of Joseph Bakhos in Santa Ana, California for sound legal counsel. As your divorce attorney, Joseph Bakhos can help you with a variety of family law matters.

Divorce & seperation

child custody & visitation

spousal support & child support

Joseph Bakhos practices as a divorce attorney in Santa Ana, CA. He will meet with you to help you part on favorable terms.

Joseph Bakhos also practices as a child custody attorney. He will learn about your family dynamic and your relationship with your child to create a fair parenting plan.

As your divorce attorney, Joseph Bakhos will learn the details of your separation and assess your financial situation to determine a fair financial agreement.

guardianship & conservatorship

Your child custody attorney can help you become a legal guardian if you're a grandparent or a extended family member. If you need to make crucial decisions for a family member who's incapacitated, attorney Bakhos can help you with that too.

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